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Anne Noh
29 December 2020 @ 03:38 am
This journal is now SEMI-LOCKED.
New entries will be locked after a few days
Kindly leave a comment in this entry before adding me.
I won't add anyone back unless you comment in this entry or I'm close to you.

Thank you for reading my humble and awful works.
Your comments are very much loved and appreciated.

: Anne Noh
Obsessions : 케이팝[kpop] and 핑크 색 obviously
I speaks : 영어, 한국어, 중국어, Malay, Tagalog (beginner) and currently learning Thai
In My LJ : 쓰레기 & 팬픽..그냥 야오이 팬픽 ><
Fav Groups : 빅뱅, 투애니원, 동방신기
I am : Hardcore!VIP, Blackjack, Cassie
In Love with : 탑 of 빅뱅  and 씨엘 & 박봄 of 투애니원

OTP : 유수, 윤재, 시한, 탑봄
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음악: CL - 나쁜 기집애
Anne Noh
11 December 2019 @ 11:55 pm

All right reserved © 2011 by chunlovesu
Do not reproduce in any form unless given the permission to do so.

DISCLAIMER: I do not gain anything financially by writing these stories. Yoosu and other characters belong to their respective companies. I do not own any of them in any way.
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음악: 빅뱅 - 투나잇
Anne Noh
08 January 2016 @ 01:46 am
Hi. I dont know if i still have any readers left. Anyway how many years have it been since i last update this lj? I started lj when i was still a crazy high schooler. I can't deny that my love and obsession towards kpop and my fave otps are the reason i write. However, i dont have the drive to write anymore.

I'm now a Chemical Engineering uni student and i still love my otps. But i think it is time to stop writing kpop fanfics. I'll just enjoy reading what others write and throw some comments here and there 😊 I wont forget all those sweet and amazing experiences and memories i have during my lj days. After all, lj is my starting point, my beginning.

Thanks to all of you that read and comments in my weird and immature stories. I still write but it is not related to kpop. I'm a translator for chinese novel, Counterattack or Nixi. Do visit me at fb https://facebook.com/annenoh11 and drop by to say hi if you wish heheh.

Till we meet again. Once again, thanks to all my friends that always support me. I wont forget you guys! ❤
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Anne Noh
08 June 2013 @ 09:29 am

Length: oneshot
Pairing : yoosu(유수) (mention of; Yunjae, Eunhae, Seungri, Changmin)
Genre: romance
Rating: pg 13
Disclaimer: yoosu and other characters belong to their respective companies. I do not own any of them in any way.
Summary: Junsu’s short journey to find the meaning behind the saccharine word that he never experience in his life.
“Does ‘love’ really exist? How does it feel? Tell me.”

What is love? Is this feeling really exist or Shakespeare just invented that word just like other romantic words that he created? The nineteen years old, Kim Junsu wondered.

It is funny that a young man likes him still battering about love’s definition when all his acquaintances have already been through the order due to their raging hormones.

Out of curiosity, he seeks for his twenty-seven years old hyung about the quandary. He was after all married to a young thriving entrepreneur that he claimed as ‘the love of his life’

The answer he received was not as clichéd as he thought he would receive. In any case, he deliberately thought he would receive the legendary reply as of the hero in soaps always say when the heroin demand for their worship apparent.

“Love is difficult to define. Love is much more than a risk, but it is a risk that one can take and grasp and fall into a dark abyss or dig oneself a hole and only crawl back when you overcome your emotions.”

It’s uncanny, twisted and deviant yet it leaves big impact on him upon hearing his only brother’s conclusion.

Love is hard to define? That is so true. In fact, ‘hard to define’ did not do it justice. Even until now, he still cannot identify the real denotation of that word.

However, the characterization really suits his brother. The answer itself mirrors his brother. Bold but bleak when it comes to love. Working as a civil servant and married to a prominent young entrepreneur, he’s always being critic by the envious eyes. Falling for the almighty Jung Yunho is a risk. A risk that his hyung seized three years ago and it ends adequately with his brother being the mogul’s other half.

When he asked his competent brother-in-law about the identical article, it wasn’t for his own record but solely out of curiosity. He wonders if he will receive the same interesting answer like his hyung’s.

His one-year period brother-in-law just smiled at him and then looked at his wife who is cooking in the kitchen and answer, “Love lie in one's heart, where memories are but shadows lingering in your soul. Love is giving someone the power to break your heart, but trusting them not to,” and then he smiled at Junsu, excused himself and went to the modern-styled-kitchen to help his spouse who is cooking for their dinner.

He had to smile at Yunho hyung’s respond. He obviously could see the love Yunho has towards his hyung. It was saccharine and poise that it makes his heart swelled with jealousy.

Why is it hard for him to cooperate with love? Deep in his heart, he really hope that someday he’ll understand what love means so that he will trail a good ending like his brother.

It seems like love itself deserting from him. Maybe he is the wrongdoer who is absconding from that simple word. Perhaps, love may have knocked his heart but he is too naive to acknowledge it. Perhaps.


A couple days later, when he was hanging out with his best friend; Eunhyuk at the bowling arena, he asked him the same question. Eunhyuk was shocked at first but he answered his inquiry nevertheless. With an amused smile plastered on his chiseled face, he replied Junsu’s question, hoping to ease his quest.

“Love is characterized by the desire to want good things for that person no matter what. And you're willing to work out your problems together,” he stood up, “And you can hardly breathe when you're around them. Even though you may see them all the time or hardly ever,” wearing the brightest smile that can make the sun envious of its intensity, Eunhyuk patted his shoulder and continued, “…it's as if you get that rush of what you felt when you got your first kiss.” And after that, he left the perplexed Junsu and went to a fine-looking man with raven-haired that was standing behind a counter near the foyer.

Junsu can’t help but to smile enviously at his besotted friend. He might not found the real description of that wicked word but at least he knew what it means to his close friend. He can only beseech that the raven-haired guy is the one for his hopeless pal. He was after all madly in love with that Donghae guy.

Sighing, Junsu excused himself from the amorous couple and walked aimlessly around the Lotte Mall that locates the bowling arena he was once occupied minutes ago.

Tiredness immersed in his soul after an hour of wandering. With a groan, he went to the nearest dine and sat on the cozy French style chair. Scanning around the place with familiarity, he smiled when he spotted his favorite dongsaeng sitting not far from his table.

He walked to Shim Changmin with a preposterous smile. That weird fellow never fails to make him laugh. Shaking his head contemptuously, he sat in front of the maknae and crossed his arms. “If I were your parents, I won’t allow you to be in our own restaurant. I definitely don’t want to be penniless because of my own son eating ritual.”

The imp snorted at his remark and continues to devour his pasta without sparing another glace at his senior.
“Does ‘love’ really exist? How does it feel? ¹말해봐. 말해봐요 [Tell me. Tell me].” He boomed at Changmin with the question when the fellow shoved almost everything on the huge plate into his wide-opened mouth.

Changmin stared at his hyung for a split second before swallowing the food in his mouth. Being the cleverest kid in their school, Changmin answers his inquiry with ease. However, he toned down all the detail because he knew that his senior is not as smart as him and too much information will only make him even more puzzle.

“Love exhilarates and motivates us,” he looked at his hyung to make sure that he was still there, “It is also critical to the continuation of our species. Without the attachment of romantic love, we would live in an entirely different society that more closely resembled some of those social circles in the animal world. The chemicals that race around in our
brain when we're in love serve several purposes, and the primary goal is the continuation of our species. Those chemicals are what make us want to form families and have children. Once we have children, those chemicals change to encourage us to stay together to raise those children. So in a sense, love really is a chemical addiction that occurs to keep us reproducing,” he ended his speech with a smile.

However, his smile turned into a smirk when he looked at his gawking senior. Yup. Definitely not that bright.

“I-I don’t understand. Don’t use that alien conundrum with me!” Junsu tried to defend his dumbness although he knew that Changmin has already realized his act judging by how his smirk kept on growing on his handsome facade.

“Love happens unexpectedly. Like yours. You didn’t even know you are in love. That’s why love is special. You’ll never know when you’ll stumble upon it,” Changmin tried again using unsophisticated words hoping that Junsu will catch his hints. His dumbness and denseness bother him so much.

“Me? Love? When?” he squeaked at Changmin. Changmin just smiled and continued stuffing the pasta into his already jam-packed mouth.

Pouting, he looked around the eatery when he heard familiar voices. Not far away from him were Yoochun and his cousin Seungri. Smiling upon registering his best friend figure, he scuttled to their table and sat next to Yoochun, startling the boys.

“I’m pleased I met you two here. I want to know what love is?” he asked without waiting for them to say anything. Both boys looked at him strangely; Yoochun crooked his eyebrow while Seungri laughed mockingly at his immature and weird question.

“Hyung are you in your right mind?” Seungri asked the naive Junsu with sarcastic tone. He might be three years younger than Junsu and Yoochun but he can be wayward sometimes.

Junsu just smiled and nodded at him enthusiastically, wanting to hear the respond from Seungri already.

“Well hyung, you're too young to know and learn about love. Why don’t you just go and read some books? Perhaps that might help to kick some intelligence in your brain?" Seungri mocked him.

Pouting his plump lip, Junsu looked at Yoochun, hoping to hear some reply that can leads him to an ending for his quest. Yoochun however just looked at him and smiled.

“What does love means? Love can be very subjective. It depends on the person Suie” Yoochun spoke almost fluently that even he was amazed by his ability to summarize the mysterious word.

Junsu smiled. He smiled because he acknowledged Yoochun’s answer and he too thinks that his answer is the most accurate one. Love is subjective indeed. Shrugging cutely, he smiled at Yoochun warmly before he shoved the menu into his face jokingly, only to be laughing at Yoochun’s silly faces afterward.

Yoochun follow suit and smiled at Junsu cuteness. Out of the tail of his eye, he glanced at Changmin who was smirking at him whilst still stuffing his face with foods.

“Love happens when you least expected it to happen”.


¹말해봐. 말해봐요 — tell me.
a[mal] means talk/speak[it also means horse]
a/[ha/hae] means to do
a[bwa] depend on the sentence. Can also be ‘see’
a[yo] is a polite form. Basically, it is meaningless. However, it shows respect and politeness.


aThis oneshot is suppose to be post months ago but somehow I don’t finish it and I just leave it in my desktop due to uni and now I’m havin my sem break so yay I can finish this story and post it but I don’t think I might post another story during my holidays because it’s just for a freakin week :(

aAll the answers Junsu received were not mine. I googled it LMAO. I just copy and paste without changing any words.

aun beta and I didn’t even proofread it yet =__=
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음악: CL - 나쁜 기집애
Anne Noh
10 January 2013 @ 05:16 pm
날 기다려주십시오
대학교 때문에 바빠 ㅠㅠ
걱정마 가능한 빨리

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음악: 라니아-스타일
Anne Noh
21 February 2012 @ 05:56 am
I think i want to delete my LJ acc....
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Anne Noh
31 May 2011 @ 11:25 pm
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음악: 대성 - Baby Dont Cry
Anne Noh
31 May 2011 @ 11:20 pm
He got Jiyong 지용 as his hyung

He got Tae Yang 태양 as his bestfriend

He got Seung Ri 승리 as his fellow mate

He got TOP 탑 as his guardian angel

But afterwards… He got VIPs as his supporters

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음악: 대성 - Baby Dont Cry
Anne Noh
31 May 2011 @ 11:00 pm
 im so fucking sad right now and dont have mood to write any ff T T
hope daesung will be alright

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음악: 대성 - Baby Dont Cry
Anne Noh
23 January 2011 @ 03:17 pm
This is one of the most common problems when learning Korean, misspell and mispronounce. Many people think that Korean is hard to learn because of this problem. Each characters of Korean writing system represent a sound. Learning Korean will require that you learn various sound change rules.

Many Korean words sound almost the same, you might have little difficulty pronouncing most of the words, some may sound almost indistinguishable from one another, and some will simply be tricky to pronounce.


1.Korean has six basic vowels that can also be found in English.(ae) and (e) are two different sound and the difference between the two combination vowels are very subtle and younger people often don’t make the distinction in their speech

Example: 예(Ye) and얘(Yae). Ye mean yes just like 네 (ne). Yae mean that person (informal)

2.The other combination vowels are 왜 (wae) and 외(oe)

Example: 왜(wae) and 외톨이(oeTori). Wae mean why and eotori mean alone/loner just like CN BLUE’s song 외톨이야(loner)

Note that eo sound like wae when it was the first syllable and it will sound as the way it is if it was after a consonant

Example: Choi () Seung Hyun aka T.O.P of Big Bang(빅뱅)
There is no (oi) in Korean writing system and Korean pronounces Choi as CHOE but you cannot distinguish it because it is very subtle.


1. About the hyung thing, just like the example that I gave, it pretty much sound like ‘hyung’ and ‘hyeong’. However, note that it is not hard ‘hyung’ or even hard ‘hyeong’. It is more to soft and subtle yeo(ㅕ) just like ye and yae. Example: Yesung(예성) of SUJU. Try saying yesung(예성) and yaesung(얘성) and you will not be able to hear the difference.

2. Moreover, it depends on the speaker too. Korean sometimes uses slang and accent in their daily speech and you can hear it in Korean dramas and even in songs too. Example: GD&TOP new song; knock out (뻑이가요)

3. If you are a kdramas freak and you learn Korean, you may note that sometimes it is hard know what they are saying and if you misspell and mispronounce just one word it will become another word and sometimes that another word tend to be a bad word. Example: shoes in Korean can be a curse word if you mispronounce it. Youngster tend to show their shoes when they don’t want to say that curse word aloud
*I cannot write it here b/c it is a bad word*

4. One more reason is that it depends on the speaker itself. Some may pronounce it different from other.
Because I am YG ENT Stan, I will use YG’s artist in my example

Example 1: in GD(지드래곤) new song, obsession (악몽) he used a lot of words that end with seo(서) [늘어서 / 좋아서 ] but when you listen to the song you will hear (so) and (seoh) instead of (seo).

Example 2: in 2NE1(투애니원) first mini album, CL(씨엘) sang in her own style in FIRE. Instead of saying [cheoreom] for 바보처럼(like a stupid person) she said [cheodeom].

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